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Un-f**k your standups

The #1 recommended treatment for Zoom Fatigue.*

Finally, audio that sounds like you're really together.
*No, we aren't doctors, but we're pretty sure you will enjoy the superior audio experience. 


Rough cut_3_MVP Spatial Standup Video for Site

How it works:

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Early-adopters can direct-install with this link and try it now


Research-inclined folks can learn more about spatial audio here

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Slack admin privileges required to install for your team
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Type /standup in any channel to start a standup
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Up to 25 standup participants
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Use headphones for an optimal experience
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Anyone can screen share 

WTF is "spatial audio" and why is it better?

It’s basically a fancy way of describing audio that sounds more like it does IRL.

Have you ever had a conversation or team meeting on Zoom that felt natural? Probably not. Why is that? It's mostly because the audio quality of conventional VOIP sucks, creating awkward "you go...no, you go first..." and then both people start talking and you can't understand either person. (There are a bunch of other reasons too, but we're trying to cut to the chase.)

Oh, and this company called Apple has been talking about it a bunch lately, too. 

Want to know more? Check out our company’s blog at highfidelity.com/blog.  


Try it now.

Your ears — and your teammates — will thank you.


Questions? Get in touch.